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Origins and Goals of MillennialDerm

Have you ever contemplated when to start that side-hustle or hobby? For me, this COVID-19 pandemic has turned my world upside down and has forced me to evolve and change for the better. As a father and husband (married to another physician), I got into a normal routine with work and family time which is important. But during this pandemic, I have been able to explore other ways to reach out to my patients virtually and to the WORLD through other platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and most recently this blog- MillennialDerm. Being a physician in this era, I am grateful being born into the late millennial generation. We did not grow up with smartphones but we helped grow the internet and social media as teenagers and young adults. I do not consider myself tech-savvy but I am grateful to have a good technology-sound foundation and I am a fast learner. This has helped me in adopting the electronic medical record system and teledermatology with open arms. In the last 3 months during this pandemic, I started an Instagram that accumulated over 2000 followers and a YouTube channel with nearly 300 subscribers in less than 30 days!

MillennialDerm is truly my most intimate project, as I am not limited by the word count restrictions of the other social media platforms and I am able to pour my thoughts and teaching points readily. I hope that you enjoy reading about dermatology- the field and the rules of the skin that can help you at home. By understanding these rules, we can help formulate a plan to help you achieve clear skin! Thank you for reading and I hope that you find these pointers helpful!

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